FAQs for Teachers Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

The Resource Action Programs are provided to your class through a local sponsorship. Due to sponsorship contributions, the program is provided to local schools at no cost.

Is there a maximum number of kits for each class?

No. We will provide one kit for each student enrolled in the class. However, there are a limited number of kits for each school year. When this maximum number of kits has been reached, no more classrooms will be able to participate until the following school year.

What do I do if a CFL breaks?

Due to the small amount of mercury a CFL contains, we recommend you take some simple precautions when cleaning it up. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency for up-to-date instructions on how to properly dispose of a broken CFL.

What do the program materials cover?

The programs emphasize environmental education, introducing students to the concept of a resource, and then extending that knowledge to natural resources and the idea of renewable/non-renewable resources in our daily lives. All programs include detailed materials, classroom activities, and resource saving products for use in students' homes. Our programs also correlate to your state’s educational standards.

Is there someone who can speak in my school or classroom regarding the program?

In most cases, sponsors will accommodate requests to send a representative to your classroom. Please contact 1-888-GETWISE or info@getwise.org with your request.

Who usually sponsors the program?

Generally, local utilities, merchants, or government agencies sponsor our programs, although any group may be a sponsor.

What is Resource Action Programs?

Resource Action Programs® is the company who develops award-winning educational programs for utility partners nationwide. The programs are designed to teach students easy ways to use energy and water more efficiently in their homes. Over the last 20 years, hundreds of thousands of families from across the country have participated in LivingWise®, WaterWise™, Energy Wise®, and WaterWise™ Outdoor Programs, yielding tremendous energy and water savings. Program content supports state educational standards, so eligible schools can provide this fun-filled enrichment program while meeting educational benchmarks.

What is included in the program?

The program comes complete with a Teacher Book filled with lesson plans, activity books, and engaging activities that can be used inside and outside of the classroom. Each teacher and student will receive an individual Student Guide, Student Workbook and program kit. The kit includes products that will help students implement classroom lessons at home.

If I enroll in the program, how will my school benefit?

Your school has the opportunity to work with local utilities, merchants or government agencies on a select program that makes an impact in your community. In addition to teaching lessons that promote lifelong wise use of both energy and water, participating teachers may be eligible to receive a Mini Grant for their classroom when 80% of their student surveys are completed and returned within the required time frame. Check your program kit to find out if you are eligible to receive a Mini Grant, and the due date for completed materials. Mini Grants can be used for any school need.

How long does the program take to implement?

The program is designed to incorporate into your existing curriculum so your timeline will vary. You can spend as little as one class/subject session and as much as a month or longer. It’s up to you.

What materials do I return?

Return your student’s completed Scantron Forms, as well as the Teacher Program Evaluation, which can be found in your Teacher Materials Folder. Thank you notes from students and parents, and Program endorsement letters are also appreciated. A self-addressed postage paid envelope has been provided in the Teacher Materials Folder for you to return these items in.

What are the participation requirements?

Participation requirements are minimal. All we ask in return for your participation in the program is that your students complete a short Student Survey. The Student Survey contains a pre- and post-program quiz. Survey responses help gauge the knowledge gained by each student during the program. If your students take a pledge to be energy efficient and return their Student Survey Forms, each student will receive a certificate of achievement! A self-addressed postage-paid return envelope is provided in your Teacher Materials so that you may return your students' completed, Student Surveys and Teacher Evaluation.