FAQs for Students Frequently Asked Questions

What does my family need to do?

Your family will help you install the items in your kit and complete the homework you receive. They can also remind you to return your completed Student Workbook.

Can I get another kit?

Sorry, only one kit is available to each student.

What do I do if a CFL breaks?

Walk away and ask an adult to clean it up properly. Have your parent or guardian visit the Environmental Protection Agency website to get up to date instructions on how to properly dispose of a broken CFL.

Who pays for the program?

The program is provided by your utility or water provider. Resource Action Programs implements the program on behalf of your utility or water provider. The program is provided at no cost to your family, your school or the school district.

What is Resource Action Programs?

Resource Action Programs® is the company who develops award-winning educational programs for utility partners nationwide. The programs are designed to teach students easy ways to use energy and water more efficiently in their homes. Over the last 20 years, hundreds of thousands of families from across the country have participated in LivingWise®, WaterWise™, Energy Wise®, and WaterWise™ Outdoor Programs, yielding tremendous energy and water savings. Program content supports state educational standards, so eligible schools can provide this fun-filled enrichment program while meeting educational benchmarks.

Why is my school participating in the program?

Your teacher has elected to participate in the program. The program will help you learn to be energy and water wise! This can help you and your family to know how and when to use energy and water so you can begin to save.

How does the program work?

The program was developed by Resource Action Programs to make learning about energy fun. You will learn about renewable and non-renewable resources, the various forms of energy and water, how your habits affect the electricity and water that gets delivered, and how to conserve at home.

Why should my family participate in the program?

When your family uses energy and water wisely at home, you save resources and lessen your impact on the environment. Also, your family can save money on their utility bill by installing the items from the kit.