FAQs for Parents Frequently Asked Questions

How is the information in the surveys used?

The information provided by program participants is used in several different ways. It is used to measure the knowledge gained by program participants, to gauge the effectiveness of the program activities, to gather demographic data, and to estimate overall energy and water savings.

How does the program work?

The program was developed to teach students easy ways to use energy and water more responsibly in their homes. Program content supports state learning standards, so your child is learning concepts required for their education.

What other energy efficiency programs are offered for my family to participate in?

An array of programs and energy efficiency incentives for your home may be offered by your program sponsor to compliment the program your child has brought home. Check your parent pack inside the program kit, or call your program sponsor for more information. Your program sponsor name can be found on your program kit.

What is Resource Action Programs?

Resource Action Programs® is the company who develops award-winning educational programs for utility partners nationwide. The programs are designed to teach students easy ways to use energy and water more efficiently in their homes. Over the last 20 years, hundreds of thousands of families from across the country have participated in LivingWise®, WaterWise™, Energy Wise®, and WaterWise™ Outdoor Programs, yielding tremendous energy and water savings. Program content supports state educational standards, so eligible schools can provide this fun-filled enrichment program while meeting educational benchmarks.

What do I do if a CFL breaks?

Due to the small amount of mercury a CFL contains, we recommend you take some simple precautions when cleaning it up. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency for up-to-date instructions on how to properly dispose of a broken CFL.

Why is my child receiving this program?

Your child’s teacher has elected to participate in an award-winning educational program. Not every school or child has the opportunity to receive this program. To be eligible, your child’s school must be located within the program Sponsor's service area.

Who pays for the program?

The programs are provided by local utility, city, state or government funding. You can find your program sponsor on the kit box your child brought home.

Why should my family participate in the program?

You will save energy and water in your home, which will positively affect your utility bill.

What does my family have to do?

Participation requirements are minimal. Your child will be given a kit that includes high-quality items that utilizing the latest efficiency technologies. Your child will receive homework assignments to complement classroom curriculum. These assignments include investigating the energy and water use in your home and are designed to highlight the potential benefits of switching to the new high-quality, high-performance products that have been provided in the kit.

Can I get another kit?

Sorry, only one kit is available at no cost to each student and participating teacher.